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F1 Legends Racing

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Car 3D model, 2D graphics,
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Car physics:
A free downloadable add-on pack for race simulation games GT Legends, GTR 2 and Race 07, based on old Formula One era cars. F1 Legends Racing (F1LR) presents seven different drivable car sets, based on F1 1967 car physics.

"Nice alternative racing for GRAND PRIX LEGENDS fans!"



Download Le Mans Classics mod for GT Legends
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Try a free game

A splitscreen arcade racer for two players!
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Try a free game

Its 100th anniversary of the First World War. Try my mini game project No Mans Land: Warrior.
F1 Cooper T73 project finished!
F1 Cooper T73 project finished!
F1 Ferrari 312B project finished!
F1 Ferrari 312B project finished!
F1LR2 youtube

F1LR2 youtube

F1LR2 youtube video
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Hi to all, just to let you know, the F1LR2 isn't dead at all ;)
any chance to have this great mod on rF2?
I would be happy to see F1LR at rF2 or AC, anybody can try it ;)

I personally I am not rF2 game owner and have no experience with such related modding.

as to the F1LR2, it would fit with rF2 pretty well... in case of serious interest to convert it there let me know.
is there any latest news about F1LR2 ?.
BTW, the current F1LR is my favorite mod for GT Legends, thank you.
hi, the F1LR2 project is temporary freezed because of a lot another mod stuff development.
from to time some post appears relating to problems to run the F1LR for mod Race07/RI... here is a new small note added, explaining why such things happen mostly:
first of all thanks for the rFactor version!
Is it possible to remove the 3D virtual mirror in the cockpit view?
It's so distracting and basically useless since it's possible to enable virtual mirrors in the PLR file...
LOL, sorry, I should read the readme before posting...
The option is in the upgrades section. ^_^
F1LR for rFactor released :)
Since 9. march is F1LR mod available also on Altbierbude :)
Start your engines and join for online racing!

the F1LR ABB download,com_remository/func,fileinfo/id,1919/lang,en/
A new part of the F1LR project is opening... the next mod release should include improved 1967 car physics, the mentioned wolferls sounds (Eagle, Lotus, BRM, Brabham, Cooper, Ferrari, Honda) and car changes (the different exhaust and engine pipes).
BIG NEWS! we got permissions from a great sound creator called wolferl to use his sounds with our mod! wolferl is very known at the race sim mod scene, his car sounds based on real historic cars are used in many car-adons for GTR2, GT Legends or rFactor.
I got a new car physics pack from Deep-Strike for our GTL/GTR2 and R07 mods! :-)
07/29/2017 15:16:53

Which game you play the F1LR mod?

GT Legends (248 | 33%)
GTR 2 (187 | 25%)
rFactor (12 | 2%)
F1 LEGENDS RACING 2 (work in progress)
F1 LEGENDS RACING 2 (work in progress)
F1 LEGENDS RACING 2 (work in progress)
F1 LEGENDS RACING 2 (work in progress)
F1 LEGENDS RACING 2 (work in progress)
F1 LEGENDS RACING 2 (work in progress)
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